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Whenever life gets hard I sit back and remind myself, "Look Danielle. You made it through Y2K. You can make it through anything."

Ass Crack Bandit (Full Track) - Ben Folds

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Trackname — Ass Crack Bandit (Full Track)
Artist — Ben Folds
Album — Basic Intergluteal Numismatics

Community Meme | Seven Scenes
  [4/7] Glee is the answer when questions are wrong!

Me recommending tv shows

  • Action: Community
  • Romance: Community
  • Drama: Community
  • Comedy: Community
  • Thriller: Community
  • Sci-fi: Community
  • Mystery: Community
When did you get into Community, because OMG COMMUNITY. I can talk forEVER about Community! :)

I finally listened to you a few months ago! WHAT WAS I DOING BEFORE COMMUNITY?? Words are failing me right now because I can’t even express how much I love love love love loved it. And it’s all because of you.

OKAY tumblr, you win

it’s your fault my brain is consumed with

  • sherlock
  • cumberbatch
  • community
  • downton
  • avengers
  • cap
  • cap’s ass
  • loki
  • loki’s ass
  • ehehehehehehe

but tonight i’m caving and starting supernatural and doctor who. LIFE = OFFICIALLY OVER